Thursday, 27 June 2013

Peace Project Video

Quotes for Peace

Our p4 students recorded their voices with famous quotes. Each quote was related to a concept related to love. They selected them and recorded their voices to prepare this videos that we all hope you like. (Fullscreen recommended)

Graduation Party and Gymkhana

All the best for p6 and 5 years students

Last Friday we held a graduation event for p6 students and  5 years children in the gym. The former will go to the high school next year, the latter will attend to the classes in the Primary building. We hope things go perfect wherever you all go. It was an emotional moment, but luckily we prepared a gymkhana with 10 different games (5 of them entirely in English) to have fun.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Happy Summer Holidays!

Tuesday is our last day of school!

We wish you a great time playing, visiting places, doing sports, activities, learning new things, spending time with your family or friends wherever you go! We will upload pictures in the next days of some last week events, meanwhile we want you to appreciate the extraordinary work done by the p2 students, that is directly connected with the summer.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Short Stories at Stage 2013

5 Theater Plays

This is the second time that CEIP Dr. Fleming and CEIP San Fulgencio work together to present 5 short stories in English. Every play is performed by the students of both schools. The event will be located at Centro Sociocultural del Ensanche on Tuesday 18th.